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The Great Northern Peninsula

Come see why they call it "Great!"

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We'll give you some hints;

  • The most icebergs in North America pass by here;  both down the Strait of Belle Isle & following the Labrador current down the eastern side of Newfoundland.

  • The largest variety of whales species in North America are seen here, even Orcas.

  • The first Europeans (The Vikings) to make a settlement in North America, located in L'Anse aux Meadows.

  • You can see many raised sea caves here, because the sea level is falling due to isostatic rebound unlike other parts of Newfoundland.

  • The start or end of the International Appalachian Trail in North America, located in Straitsview

  • Oldest living organism "The Thrombolites", located in Flower's Cove.

  • Home to The French Shore Tapestry-70 meters of history, located in Conche

  • & so much more...Come see for yourself... worth the trip.....You won't be disappointed. It's like a pot of gold at end of the rainbow!

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